Pictures of a Deep Refurbish Design Project at Elita Promenade Bangalore

We recently completed a deep refurb design assignment for Elita Promenade. Elita as an apartment complex has a special place in our hearts as this is where our design journey really took off – this was 2010 and Elita had just come up, a number of folks were looking for interior design advice which bought them to this blog, and, as they say, the rest is history.

Coming back to the recent project. This one was a top floor apartment in B Block of Elita and the customer wanted the place to look fundamentally different from the regular apartments in the complex.

There were some major changes recommended as part of the refurbish such as taking the Utility into the Kitchen, Moving the Bathroom Doors to allow more space in the bedrooms and also accommodate a larger walk in wardrobe. Also, to complement the lifestyle of a young family the colour schemes, styles and materials were moderated to give the place an open and plush feel. Some initial design pictures of the work are posted below.

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