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Pure Design Services

The Studio offers pure design advisory for residential / commercial and retail spaces. The service is built on proven design pr...
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Turnkey Interiors

The Studio takes on limited Turnkey Interior assignments across South India. Each project is designed by Nandita and her team o...
Best Interior Designer in Bangalore

Lighting Design

The Studio offers in-depth Lighting Advisory for both interior & exterior illumination. Lighting plays a very key...

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What do interior designers do?

Interior designers design and decorate your home interiors based on your lifestyle, life stage, aspiration, tastes, and budgets. They also take care of the lighting, aesthetics, furnishings, furniture, paintings, and other décor elements.

Interior spaces are where you spend most of your life and have a profound influence on behavior and thinking. Good Designers understand this and design spaces that improve and uplift your life in general.

Why should I choose The Studio by Nandita Manwani for my interior design project?

The Studio, founded by Nandita Manwani, is one of the top interior design houses in Bangalore. We don’t believe in mass marketing and take on limited projects across Bangalore. This way, we ensure that we completely focus on each project. Also, our home interior designs are created based on your lifestyle, lifestage and aspirations. We realize that design has a deep influence on life & living and our designs are tailor made to improve the same. We also use top quality material sourced directly from parent manufacturers to ensure hi quality output at honest rates.

Do you provide any detailed drawings in the design stage?

Yes, we do. We provide flat as well as 3D illustrations of the interior space, so you can visualize how space will look once the design is completed. All the drawings and illustrations are personally guided and checked by our founder Nandita Manwani to make sure they meet our high-quality standards.

What makes The Studio by Nandita Manwani as the best interior designers in Sarjapur Road?

The Studio stands apart from the other interior designers in Sarjapur Road as we focus more on quality than quantity. We work on just 3 to 4 projects at a given time. And each project is personally supervised by our founder. The Studio follows a zero-compromise policy on the quality of the material. Based on our decade of experience in this field, we ensure that we use only premium quality material in all our work. We also pass on any discounts we get to our customers.

How much do interior designers charge for square feet in Sarjapur Road?

Interior designers in Sarjapur Road usually charge around 40 to 50 rupees per square feet just for the design. The design fee is subsumed in the total charge of design + execution in case the customer opts for the design team to also execute the project. However, we suggest you visit us for a free consultation. During the consultation, we will discuss your preferences, requirements, and other parameters. Based on the discussion and your interior design needs, we will give you a personalized quote.

Why it is better to invest in a good interior designer than local vendors?

You will get a better return on your investment when you work with a good interior designer than local vendors. When you’re working with local vendors, you need to carefully check the quality of all the materials you get. Sometimes, you may get good quality material as a sample and spurious quality on your order. Also, you need to spend a lot of time researching vendors and talking to them, bargaining the price. With an interior designer, you don’t have to worry about all that. The designers will have professional contacts with trusted brands. So, you can be assured of the best quality products and higher returns on your investment.

How to contact you for interior designing service in Sarjapur Road?

You can send a message to our WhatsApp number 9482594088, and we will get back to you. Alternatively, you can drop an email with your requirements to

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