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Interior Design Services in JP Road

Top Interior Designer in Bangalore

Pure Design Services

The Studio offers pure design advisory for residential / commercial and retail spaces. The service is built on proven design pr...
Best Interior Designer in Bangalore

Turnkey Interiors

The Studio takes on limited Turnkey Interior assignments across South India. Each project is designed by Nandita and her team o...
Best Interior Designer in Bangalore

Lighting Design

The Studio offers in-depth Lighting Advisory for both interior & exterior illumination. Lighting plays a very key...

Our Turnkey Interior Projects

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Symmetry and Balance – Why Some Interior Designs Seem Better Than the Rest

The best-looking designs - and this is irrespective of the finish, colour selection or the money spent – are the ones that pay attention t...

My Interview on Kitchen Design Practices to B&I Magazine & Siemens India

Building & Interiors Magazine in conjunction with Siemens India published my interview on the subject of Kitchen Appliances for the Home...

Lighting Design for Homes – Interior Design Done Right

Lighting Design fundamentally determines the personality of the space and how people perceive it, feel in it and how they ultimately behave ...
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