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The Studio by Nandita Manwani, one of the best interior designers in Bangalore offers in-depth consultation and comprehensive theme-based solution at affordable price in its class.

Award Winning

The Studio is led by award winning & trusted Interior Designer Nandita Manwani. Over the last decade Nandita's work & her blog has helped over 1.5 million home makers across India.


We are very strict about quality of products we use and source directly from the product manufacturers to ensure genuine materials and hi quality finishes.

Affordable Luxury

Our service is quite affordable in its class ensuring great value for money.

After Sales Support

We have got your back! Our creations come with a standard warranty of 5 years and an AMC for Interiors post that – a first of a kind in the Interior Design Industry.

Lifestyle Based Design

We design a comprehensive theme based solution for you covering all aspects of interior design, and not just wood work. Our designs are inspired by your lifestyle

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We will be happy to provide you an honest and in-depth consultation at our experience center completely free.

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Pure Design Services

The Studio offers pure design advisory for residential / commercial and retail spaces. The service is built on proven design pr...
Best Interior Designer in Bangalore

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The Studio takes on limited Turnkey Interior assignments across South India. Each project is designed by Nandita and her team o...
Best Interior Designer in Bangalore

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The Studio offers in-depth Lighting Advisory for both interior & exterior illumination. Lighting plays a very key...

Our Turnkey Interior Projects

Among the top residential interior designers and decorators, The Studio by Nandita Manwani offers turnkey interior design cum execution.

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Know the difference between architects, interior designers & interior decorators

Architects: Every building has a tale to tell, showcasing its sheer beauty and remarkable ingenuity. A skillful architect makes use of an innovative and ambitious approach to design a structure. He/She is the person who designs and oversees the construction of buildings. An architect prepares and presents design proposals to the clients. They hire a multitude of contractors to complete the task. They plan the structure of the building including the placement of rooms to meet the client’s expectations.

Interior Designers: Interior designers are the ones who turn empty spaces functional and appealing. They sometimes closely work with architects to determine how interior spaces will look and function. Whether it is bedroom interior design, living room interior design or installing a modular kitchen, interior designers at the Studio will enhance the look of your house to make it look more functional and aesthetically appealing. They focus more on the emotional aspects of space and human psychology.

Interior Decorators: Interior decoration is the accentuating of space with decorative elements. Hiring an interior decorator is ideal to give your room a complete makeover if you don’t have time to handle on your own. They can handle multiple tasks from selecting colour schemes and buying new design items to arranging furniture layouts. It is their task to give a new look to your existing space.

Advantages of hiring Design Professionals in Bangalore than local vendors

Interior design requires a meticulous evaluation of space and an eye for detail. Many people are under the assumption that interior design is only needed to make a space look good. It is more than picking a paint colour or a sofa. Interior design is all about creating a vision. Whether it’s a small renovation or a large project, home interior design specialists are the perfect choice to make your room functional and aesthetic. There are various design aspects with which an interior designer can help while local vendors cannot.

What sets professional interior designers apart from the rest? Interior designers personalize your homes to reflect your taste. Unlike local vendors, there is no fixed catalog. Every design is uniquely created based on the needs of the clients. Be it home interiors or villa interiors, interior designers stick to the time frame and complete the design projects within the stipulated time. Interior designers are able to find the right balance between comfort zones and their interior design ideas. Local vendors are not aware of the municipal guidelines thereby exhibiting a lack of skills. But interior designers are more knowledgeable when it comes to municipal guidelines and strictly follow the rules.

So, how to find an interior designer? Your search ends at The Studio by Nandita Manwani. At the Studio, quality is important. We make sure only top quality materials are used that are long lasting and enduring.

How much should you invest in interiors?

Doing interior decoration by yourself can be an intimidating task. And that’s why you hire interior designers to get personalized interior solutions. An expert touch saves money and helps in increasing the value of your home. The cost of hiring an interior designer varies from one firm to the other, however the thumb rule to determine costs (design and execution) of quality interiors is 700 to 1000 times the total super built up area of the home.

How long would it take for designing different residential spaces?

It depends on the scope of the work. The time to complete a turnkey interior project may range anywhere from 1.5 months to 6 months.

Factors to consider before hiring an interior designer in Bangalore

It is your home that needs to look comfortable and functional. So, before hiring an interior designer in Bangalore, consider the below factors:

  1. Years of experience with a flawless track record 
    It is critical to know how many years the interior designer firms have worked with different customized design projects. Designing a space that is more aesthetic and functional requires complete expertise over the craft. So, choose interior designers who have worked more design projects and completed within the stipulated time.
  2. Designer skills for furnishing, painting, lighting & décor
    You may get confused about how to choose interiors. But skilled interior designers are ready to help you with a plethora of interior design ideas to make your home look visually appealing yet functional. Go through the portfolio to get some ideas about their design projects where you can assess their design skills.
  3. Personal involvement 
    Communication is the key. Look for how well the designers are able to involve themselves personally in a project. This helps in the enhancement of the quality of the work in order to get the best outcome. Maintaining a good relationship with your interior designer is important.
  4. Designs should not be a set catalog from the designer or from the internet 
    When you go through the portfolio, ensure each design is tailor-made to meet the client’s needs. Review the designs and if you like their work, then you may want to know about their process and design approach. As the design needs vary from home to home, choose the designers who can offer you a unique design based on your needs and budget.
  5. Your expectations 
    Be honest about your design requirements and budget. If the designers agree with your needs and budget, then discuss with them about your home interior choices.

The Right time to hire an Interior Designer

Getting a professional’s help with your home is a great idea when you are building it or in the process of revamping it. Some people manage it on their own. But, redecorating your home might be a bit overwhelming if you are going to do it on our own. If you have already started the construction process and planning for electrical work, then it is time to hire an interior designer, typically around 3 months prior to the handover of the residence.

Improve Your Home Décor with the Help of the Best Design Experts

At The Studio Bangalore, we are committed to helping you design as well as build innovative spaces that make you live your dream life. We feature a team of highly qualified as well as experienced interior decorators in Bangalore for delivering optimum results when you wish to design your dream home. Our professional interior design company that helps in transforming your vision into reality. We have a highly qualified team of the top interior designers who are highly skilled in building as well as designing residential spaces as per the specific requirements of the clients.

The Studio by Nandita Manwani, among the best interior design firms is known for delivering innovative interior design solutions that are initiated by working closely with our clients. Being one of the leading interior design companies, we are experienced in understanding the specific requirements of the clients towards creating an aesthetic space. Our bespoke interior designs have been the trademarks of immense creativity matched with top-notch engineering expertise in home interior designing.

Design Your Dream House with Assistance from the Top Design Experts

With high-end design values in place, The Studio by Nandita Manwani, Bangalore among the famous interior design experts in Bangalore aims at taking every step towards excellence when it comes to delivering a comprehensive range of interior designing services in Bangalore.

  • Residential Interior: Home decoration is an integral part of one’s life. Whether you are decorating your house from the scratch or renovating the given space, getting assistance from the experienced interior decorators in Bangalore is of utmost importance. We cater to both casual home designs and luxury home decorations with our in-depth industry expertise. Under the guidance of Nandita Manwani, our skilled interior designers have bespoke experience in designing bungalows, villas, apartments, and so more as per the unique tastes of the clients.
  • Project Management: We are well-aware of the fact that by bringing the right resources together, any complex project can be completed with great ease. At The Studio, every designing project is personally overseen by Nandita Manwani, author of the most popular blog on home interiors in the country homedesignbangalore.com. Based on the unique specifications of the clients, we manage the entire execution of the project –right from scratch.

Nandita leads our creative and innovative team of interior designers in JP Nagar and other areas of Bangalore working towards designing excellence in every form. Featuring villa and apartment interior designers in Bangalore, we are committed to designing personalized spaces for our clients.


Do you really need an Interior Designer?

Most customers often equate interior design to good looking furniture & carpentry. In reality good home design incorporates 5 elements, namely - Furniture, Furnishing, Lighting, Painting and Décor. A good home interior designer helps weave these 5 elements around the life and lifestyle of the owning family - things such as hobbies, presence of elderly at home, grocery buying schedules, guest movement etc. to create tailor made, cozy and warm living spaces for the family. Hence when working with a designer one should expect more than just good carpentry and looks.

That said, customers just expecting carpentry or looking for someone to execute pre-determined designs should avoid hiring a designer as the lack of creativity may lead to detachment of the designer resulting in poor quality work.

What homework should you do before contacting us?

In the first discussion it is important you communicate a clear budget you have planned for the interiors as that helps driving a focused discussion on the options and next steps. It is also important to tell us your lifestyle, tastes & hobbies, this is critical input that will help us tailor-make the home around your needs. Lastly it is important to inform us your own visualisation and theme of the home, such as Whites - (Contemporary/ Straight Line Theme), Browns (Victorian/ Classic Theme), Grey (Zen Theme), Blue (Aqua Theme), etc. You can also collect images and clippings that appeal to you just to help the us determine your taste.

Why should you hire an interior designer?

Most customers often equate interior design to good looking furniture & carpentry. In reality good design incorporates 5 elements, namely - Furniture, Furnishing, Lighting, Painting and Decor. A good interior designer helps weave these 5 elements around the life and lifestyle of the owning family - things such as hobbies, presence of elderly at home, grocery buying schedules, guest movement etc. to create tailor made, cozy and warm living spaces for the family. Hence when working with a designer one should expect more than just good carpentry and looks.

What should I consider before hiring an Interior Designer in Bangalore?

When evaluating Interior Designers for their home customers tend to compare cost estimates first, however estimates can be misleading and built on completely different assumptions. My advice is to first look at whether your wavelength matches with that of the designer, whether in your initial meetings you got a feeling that the designer will be able to create the positive living space where you would love to spend the next 8 - 10 years of your life. Second would be to look at whether the designer has dedicated workmen and skills to deliver across the 5 elements - Furniture (Woodwork) Furnishing, Painting, Lighting & Decor. Third would be to check for the extent of personal involvement of the principal designer for your project. Last, but not the least, your home needs to reflect your taste and lifestyle hence it is best to avoid choosing designs based on a set catalog from the designer or from the internet.

Which is the best time to hire Interior Designers?

Ideally one should appoint an interior designer when the planning for the electrical work is ongoing, typically around 3 months prior to the handover of the residence. This ensures that the electricals are done according to the planned interior design and helps avoid rework

What is the role of an interior designer, and what can they do for you?

A well-designed home can be life changing for the residing family. Good design not only helps enhance the mood and positivity of a given space but also ensures that the occupants to live comfortably and safely. As an example, child friendly and elder friendly designs can help prevent injury and fall that, especially for the elderly, can cripple self-esteem and longevity affecting the entire family. Good designers help create a certain living culture within the home that stays with the occupants throughout their life.

How do I choose the best interior designers in Bangalore for my new home?

Profiles of nearly all designers are nowadays available on the Web, In addition there are aggregator websites like Houzz.in where most good designers showcase their work. Go through past projects and any published literature on the designer on the internet and find the ones that align to your taste. Schedule an initial meeting with the designer to discuss the designer’s approach to interior design and determine whether there is a match of the wavelength - something that we discussed above. Also check what material they will use to execute the work within your requirements and budget.

What makes The Studio different from other interior designers in Bangalore?

At The Studio we have always believed that good design can be life changing for the occupants of the home. All our designs and execution of the same is therefore personally supervised by our founder and chief designer. To ensure quality, we limit ourselves to 3 to 4 projects at a time and no more with each project tailor made for the family that will stay there. We are also clear that we are not, nor do we want to be a modular furniture company nor an aggregator of service providers. We take complete responsibility for our projects from start till end.

What are the different type of projects we do?

Most of our projects will be complete turnkey interiors including Furniture, Furnishings, Paintwork, Wall papers, Lighting, Appliances and Decor. We also take on stand alone Modula Kitchens as well as designer Sliding Wardrobes.

How much will be the interior design cost in Bangalore?

Costs vary depending on the scope of work and the finishes chosen. We work along with our customers to jointly determine the budgets they should allocate for designing their homes in line with their tastes and needs

What should my budget be?

For a new house in Bangalore the budget can range from 10 to 30 percent of the price of the apartment or villa depending upon the scope. Please get in touch to understand more about this. As a trusted home interior designer in bangalore we are very transparent about pricing.

Will I be making the purchases or do you make the purchase?

As a part of our turnkey interior design services we make all the purchases, track the orders, inspect all the materials, execute the designs and do the installation/ onsite work. This process ensures quality & transparency and makes us responsible end to end from the quality of materials to the final output. Your home is our creation and being one of the best interior designers in Bangalore we take full responsibility for our work.

How much time will it take to complete a project?

That again depends on the entire scope. The total time can range anywhere from 1.5 months to 6 months.

How to get connected with you?

Write to us at sales @thestudiobangalore.com or whatsapp us on 9482594088

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