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Pure Design Services

The Studio offers pure design advisory for residential / commercial and retail spaces. The service is built on proven design pr...
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Turnkey Interiors

The Studio takes on limited Turnkey Interior assignments across South India. Each project is designed by Nandita and her team o...
Best Interior Designer in Bangalore

Lighting Design

The Studio offers in-depth Lighting Advisory for both interior & exterior illumination. Lighting plays a very key...

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How much will it cost to hire interior designers in Kanakapura Road?

The cost of hiring an interior designer in Kanakapura depends on various parameters like the scope and extent of your home designing project. We suggest you visit us for a free first consultation where we can discuss your requirements and give you an approximate quote.

What makes The Studio by Nandita Manwani as the best interior designers in Kanakapura Road?

We are not into mass interior designing but just focus on 3 to 4 projects at a time. This means that our designers can give complete attention to your project and create an interior that you will love to live in. Also, our designers check the quality of all the products that we use in the designing project, so you get complete value for your investment.

How do I choose the right interior designer?

To find the right interior designer for your project, you need to find out the experience and expertise of the designer. Also, you should check if the designer is familiar with the theme or concept that you want to incorporate in your home interior design. Finally, you need to feel comfortable working with the designer.

What should I ask at the first consultation?

During the first consultation, you can ask us any questions regarding the home designing project. The major questions that you should focus revolve around the budget, timeframe, responsibilities, coordination, and contact person details.

How long will our project take?

The project time depends on the size of the space and your requirements. During the initial consultation, we will let you know the time frame for your project along with the major delivery milestones.

How can an interior designer save me money?

Initially, when you consult an interior designer for a project, you may feel that it is expensive. But then, calculate the amount of money and time you need to spend on finding vendors, exploring shops to find the perfect décor items, and doing other tasks. You will also have to spend a lot of time coordinating with the painters, carpenters, and others working on the project. Compare both the amounts and you will find that hiring an interior designer actually saves you a lot of money. In addition designers have back end tie ups with parent manufacturers that offer then special rates which get passed on to end customers. Please also read the blog post at

How to contact for interior designing service in Kanakapura Road?

To book a free consultation, you can drop an email at or WhatsApp us on 9482594088.

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