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The Studio offers pure design advisory for residential / commercial and retail spaces. The service is built on proven design pr...
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The Studio takes on limited Turnkey Interior assignments across South India. Each project is designed by Nandita and her team o...
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The Studio offers in-depth Lighting Advisory for both interior & exterior illumination. Lighting plays a very key...

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How do I find the best villa interior designers in Bangalore?

Villa interiors are more evolved than apartment interiors. Design of spaces such as double ceilings, pillars, staircases etc. add complexity and creativity in villas & standard catalog based designing does not work.

It is hence important for owners to look for designers who can dedicate individual time and effort to your villa interiors and create specific designs that suit your specific needs.

Do you provide any detailed drawings in design stage?

Yes, each project goes through a detailed design process that ensures the outcome meets your needs in terms of your lifestyle, life-stage and aspirations. In addition, each space is individually designed and presented in 3D to ensure that you can visualize the space before it is built out. All designs are personally supervised and guided by our founder Nandita to ensure that these adhere to our design standards.

How much does interior designing cost for a villa in Bangalore?

Good interior designers charge between ₹ 40 – 60 per square foot (super built up area) for designs. This may be built into the execution cost in case the design team is also engaged with in the execution

Why should I choose The Studio by Nandita Manwani for my villa interior design?

We are not a mass market interior designer and restrict ourselves to no more than 3 to 4 projects at a given time. This is to allow us to give attention to detail to each and every project with each design and the execution personally supervised by our founder. We also follow a zero-compromise approach when it comes to material selection and only work with material from standard brands. Having been in the field for over a decade our connects with the brand manufacturers allow us avoid spurious supplies and discounts that get passed on to our customers.
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