I was looking for Hi Gloss finish options that are 100% waterproof for the utility and other open to the rain spaces and was recently handed a trial sample of Polymer Shutters by one of the manufacturers. While acrylic shutters have been around for some time (note that acrylic also happens to be a “polymer”) Polymer shutters are a recent introduction. The difference between the two is that Acrylic shutters have the acrylic sheet pasted only on one side of an MDF / Ply board, Polymer shutters have the polymer surface pasted on all the 6 sides of ply. Since the finishing is done in a factory polymer shutters are seamless with no edges showing and the shutter looks like one solid block. The manufacturing process also allows for innovative stuff like integrating the handle within the shutter etc.

I am in the process of testing the product’s capability to withstand direct sunlight, heat, change of temperature and rain … basically looking to check whether the seams come apart, material cracks or the gloss wears off … and will have an update shortly… till then if you happen to pass by our Interior Design Experience Center,  don’t be surprised to see a bright red polymer shutter outside unabashedly basking in the sun 🙂

Signing off for now