The Pandemic has brought profound changes to the way people live – be it the requirement of constant sanitization, the home doubling up as both the office and the school, all the way to higher rates of pet adoption to ward away loneliness. Interior designers in Bangalore and across the World need to adapt to these new needs and ensure that design is relevant to the new normal.

Last week I had the opportunity to speak at the SJIM Global Leadership Conference on this very topic. The event hosted some of the leading business leaders across India speaking on the topic of Innovation and Creativity.

Below are pictorial excerpts from my presentation, trust you find this of value as you design your own home

The Need to De-Tangle Spaces

The Need to Detangle Space

Demilitarized zones for the Home

Sanitation Zones to Demilitarize Outside from the Inside

Low – Maintenance Interior Design

“Self Maintenance” Oriented Design

Minimalist Interior Design & Giveback to the Environment

Minimalistic Interior Design & the growing need to consume less

Pet Friendly Home Interiors

Pet Friendly Interior Design – as more people adopt to fight loneliness

Design and its giveback to life

Return to Hobbies and the need to live life to its full

Stay Safe & continue to write in with your comments & inputs



Nandita is a practicing Interior Designer in Bangalore and is the founder of The Studio by Nandita Manwani