Interior Design Trends

Pandemic & Perspective – The Interior Design Challenge

The Pandemic is forcing Interior Designers to think differently. The doubling up of the home as an office is inducing cultural changes in the home environment that need a fundamental shift in perspective in how home interior design needs to be thought, planned and executed. I will be speaking on this Design shift and challenge that the Pandemic poses to Home Interior Design & the Design fraternity in my upcoming lecture at the St. John’s Institute of Management Leadership Conference 2021. Anyone interested in attending can check here Cheers Nandita Nandita Manwani is a leading Interior Designer in Bangalore and is the founder of The Studio by Nandita Manwani

Interior Design Trends 20 – 21

The Redfin Blog recently requested inputs from leading Interior Designers across the Globe on the major trends in Interior Design in the year 2020 and the Interior themes that are expected to gain momentum in the current year. At “The Studio” we feel that 2020 was a defining year for the Interior Design Industry as it turned the focus from extravagism to minimalism and giveback to the planet. This design trend is expected to continue and gain momentum in 2021. Do read about our comments and those from other global designers over here – Cheers Nandita