Year: 2020

Lockdown & “Home work”

I was wondering what to write next, sitting home under lockdown when my daughter recommended why not write something on what folks should do for home improvement now that Modiji has bound all of us down by another three weeks. Great idea I thought, rather get people to do something productive than twiddle their thumbs and wonder what next. On doing some research I find that there is some good stuff that has already been written on home improvement and maintenance on this blog itself over the last 9 years. Hence, first I am reposting links to these earlier posts. Once you have gone through the same, please comment and provide feedback on any specific topics that you would like me to cover, shall look forward. Here are the links to the earlier posts on the subject of Home Improvement & Maintenance Happy reading Cheers Nandita Nandita is […]

Natural Stone Finish for Walls: Stacking Stone and Newer Alternatives

Stacking stone and stone in general has been extremely popular with home makers and home interior design in general across Bangalore. Till a few years back almost two thirds of customers I met wanted some kind of a stone structure in their home – be it a highlight wall or a water body. Installing stone involved a fair amount of work and needed specialist skills. Over time there are easier alternatives that have been introduced, I myself was introduced to some of these interesting new options by an OEM manufacturer some days back and thought of penning them down in a blog post as this topic will be of interest to most readers. Option 1: Stacking Stone: Though installation of stacking stone is not inherently difficult, it definitely is messy and needs specialized skills. The good part of stacking stone is that the finish is exactly the same as the […]