Year: 2023

Shutter Finishes and Types: Shaker Panel, Raised Panel, Slab, Membrane, Duco, PU, Laminate, Acrylic, MDF, HDHMR or Glass – Which one is right for you?

What most customers do not know is that the type of shutter and the finish you can have on it are related, the finish in turn determines the ruggedness of the shutter and hence its appropriateness for specific spaces for the home. So, while it is great to want to have a certain shutter style in one’s home it is important to understand whether the style can be matched with the finish and the type of use of the shutter & your own lifestyle.

A Home to Redesign, Renovate, Refurbish

Life stage based interior design is a concept that I have discussed on this blog multiple times but it will be good to give it a little more perspective and make it specific to each life-stage when a design intervention may be necessary…hence this blog post today. I trust you will find the thoughts relevant if you are planning to refurbish your home in line with your own life stage