Google sends us a monthly report on what posts on this blog get the most attention and readership. Over the last few months, we have been tracking the report it seems there is a general trend in what customers search for when it comes to the subject of interior design. To make it easier for readers we are collating the questions most important to home makers that we have observed from the Google report as well as from our own interaction with Home Makers over the last many years. You will find both answers as well as links to additional resources that home makers can explore to get details to what matters most to them in the field of Interior Design.

So here goes :-

Q1. How do I choose the best material and finish for my Interiors?

Ans: There is no BEST material and finish. The choice completely depends upon the nature of use, level of maintenance one sustains, the desired look / design of the space planned, and the refresh time period. Tet us explain with an example –  In general, it is assumed that Particle board and MDF should NOT be used for Interiors, however for someone who has a refresh cycle requirement of 3 – 4 years – for example a restaurant, then MDF / Chip Board becomes a viable option which also helps bring the costs down. Similarly use of Lacquered Glass in Kitchen Shutters – while the general practice is to avoid its use as the material gets smudged and scratched but for someone who wants an ornamental Kitchen or if the home has a separate Dry and Wet Kitchen then the use of Lacquered Glass becomes quite viable.

That said, do browse through one of the oldest and most popular posts on this blog on this topic available here –

Q2. What are the different themes in Interior design? Which theme will be appropriate for my home?

Ans: The desire to use a certain theme for Interiors is gaining attention and is a positive trend that needs to be nurtured and appreciated.  Nandita had written a detailed blog post on the topic of Interior Design Themes – please look it up here ( The post covers almost all aspects of theme-based interiors

Q3. What is the best counter top to use? How to choose between Quartz, Acrylic, Granite & Marble?

Ans: This is another major concern of home makers. This blog hosts a very detailed and popular post on this very topic – please read it at –

Q4. How much will I save if I don’t hire an Interior Designer and get the work done on my own?

Ans: You will definitely save up to 15% if you get your interiors done on your own and don’t go through a designer. However, what you will risk is the following

1. Missing out on the experience that the Interior Designer brings to design the space based on the requirements of your life and that of the space

2. Risk of losses and rework due to mistakes or breakages

3. The overall look and feel of the space – You will have to live with it for at least 7-8 year and a good part of your life

4. Supply chain efficiencies of the designer – these ensure non spurious material as well as a better price that ultimately gets passed on to the customer

5. The Value of your own time – Coordinating with all the vendors and suppliers is not an easy task

Q5. How much does Interior Work Cost?

Ans: For premium apartments & Villas one should plan a min budget of 20% – 25% of the total cost of acquisition of the place for good quality interiors.

For apartments, one should budget between 1200 – 1500 times the Carpet Area of the place for a scope covering Fixed Woodwork, Lighting, Ceilings, Painting & Wall Finishes

Signing off

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