It is a beautiful penthouse  – top floor, some 3000 sqft with a huge kitchen, party area and the works. Below are the recent clicks.

Ganesha and Candles
Nothing starts (and ends) well without the blessings of the almighty
Decorative unit in the Living Room
This was actually a recess between two pillars in the center of the home and was converted into a divine showcase to bring a feeling of “presence” & “calmness” to the entire home.
False Roofing Design and Lighting
Looking through the living room into the Kitchen
Curtains and Lighting
Another angle of the same emphasizing the overall lighting
Living Room Seating
The Sofa Units – from Urban Ladder
Mirror Decoration
One of my favorites – got an artist to hand-paint the mirror – it shows maple leaves falling from the top
Dum Dum/ Bum Bum of “Night at the Museum” Fame
TV Unit Design
The TV Unit
TV Unit – Another shot. Wiring hidden behind the wall panel
White Crockery unit with Lighting
The Crockery Unit. Breakfast counter in the Kitchen on the right
Lighting inside the crockery unit
Crockery Unit – another Shot
Glass and Laminate Wardrobe Doors
Bedroom 1 – Sliding Wardrobe. The photograph doesn’t do justice to the actual output as the lighting in the bedrooms was not enough for a good shot (same is true for all the bedroom photos below). The photographer … who also happens to be a dear friend, was also bereft of equipment having left the same in safe custody at Kolkata during his recent shift to Bangalore 🙁
Wardrobe Shelving
Headrest – Haneef mian’s (the headrest maker’s) second iteration. The first one got rejected as the colours of the threads used for the stitching did not match the theme. He will surely give up on me some day 🙂
Sliding Shutters with beading
This one’s a giant – 10 feet in width – and required quite a bit of engineering to make the shutters and ensure that they slide well.
Sliding Wardrobe – Shelving
Bathroom Storage
Painted & Mirrored sliding doors
I was bored with horizontal mirrors on sliding wardrobes – this was the result
Haneef Mian at work again – this one was first time right 🙂
Edge handles for bathroom storage – helps your kurta to not get caught in the handle when you brush your teeth. Bet you never thought of that one 🙂
Partial view of the shower partition
What is this – Take a guess??
Stand Alone Bar Unit
A rollaway bar 🙂
Kitchen with Lighting
The kitchen. It has lights UNDER the bottom cabinets … hee
Kitchen – another angle showing the corner sink.
Partial view of the breakfast counter
Breakfast counter in solid surface
Full view of the Breakfast Counter
Bar Stools
Breakfast Counter – Another angle. The hole is just for show and for the kids to have some fun.
White and Green Book Rack and TV Unit
This was a massive TV unit cum bookshelf. Was a bit of an experiment with random open and closed shelving. However ended up pretty satisfactory.
Duco painted TV Unit
Bookshelf – Another view
Murali Manohar – Came all the way from Orissa to bless the home
As I said at the beginning …nothing starts & ends without the blessings of the almighty.
… lights out

PS: The top floor lawn/ party area is phase 2 of the project…look forward…

Bye for now

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