Home Interior Photographs

Some pictures of Interior work done at Salarpuria Greenage


Some pictures that my client sent me last week of an interior project I did at Salarpuria Greenage nearly 3 years back. Great to see that the home still looks to be in top shape. Have also posted these to the FB page https://www.facebook.com/homedesignbangalore Living Room Design TV Unit Design Crockery Unit Design Pooja Unit Kitchen Children’s Room Design Crockery Unit Design Living Room & False Roofing Design Wardrobe Design

Photographs of my recent Home Interior project at Yelahanka, Bangalore


It is a beautiful penthouse  – top floor, some 3000 sqft with a huge kitchen, party area and the works. Below are the recent clicks.   Nothing starts (and ends) well without the blessings of the almighty This was actually a recess between two pillars in the center of the home and was converted into a divine showcase to bring a feeling of “presence” & “calmness” to the entire home. Looking through the living room into the Kitchen Another angle of the same emphasizing the overall lighting The Sofa Units – from Urban Ladder One of my favorites – got an artist to hand-paint the mirror – it shows maple leaves falling from the top Dum Dum/ Bum Bum of “Night at the Museum” Fame The TV Unit TV Unit – Another shot. Wiring hidden behind the wall panel The Crockery Unit. Breakfast counter in the Kitchen on the right […]

Home Interiors – Some photographs of my latest project @ Elita Promennade


Hi, Before I get into the visuals…I have been getting questions on design best practices, materials to be used for interiors etc. from a number of you. This blog already has posts written earlier that answer some of these questions. As a refresher the links are given below. One more thing … the blog archive (Look in the left pane of this page) has more than just what is mentioned below…feel free to browse through the same as well. 1. Choosing the right material for Woodwork – http://www.homedesignbangalore.com/2010/09/so-what-is-right-material-to-choose-for.html 2. Thumb-rules for Costing & Budgeting for Interiors – http://www.homedesignbangalore.com/2010/08/costing-your-woodwork-do-it-yourself.html 3. Design best practices for making Sliding Wardrobes – http://www.homedesignbangalore.com/2010/07/sliding-wardrobes-do-it-right-first.html 4. Design best practices for building a modular kitchen – http://www.homedesignbangalore.com/2010/06/so-what-is-modular-kitchen-and-some.html ….and finally – here are the photographs…would welcome any bouquets & brickbats 🙂 Thanks NM Elita Promenade – Book Rack & Show Case. The pebbles in the bottom part of the unit are still to […]