Folks ….some quick notes from the IndiaWood Exhibition ( that concluded in Bangalore last month. Some interesting findings that you may find useful in your home decoration journey

1. Steel Panels

Saw some polished steel (etched & mirror finishes) introduced & showcased for interior design needs. Interestingly the vendor (, who supplies stuff from Haryana is willing to cater to the Home Decor Market (versus the commercial market done by such vendors usually). These sheets have the potential to give pretty exquisite finishes

2. Prices of UV coated MDF boards down

These are boards that have a hi gloss/ anti scratch finish ( Some vendors have been passing these off as Acrylyc boards and charging extreme prices. While these were available earlier through grey market imports, now there are reputed Indian companies offering these at a fraction of the cost

3. Ebco – As a strong contender in hardware: 

Ebco ( showcased a pretty impressive range in hardware and seems to be heading to become a strong contender to Hettich in the hi end hardware space…time will tell. I am yet to check out their prices but hopefully these will be competitive.

4. Pre Veneered MDF Boards from Green Ply

Green Ply has introduced pre veneered MDF boards. From a cost perspective these offer a fair amount of savings than using Ply + Veneer combination. Since these boards only come in MDF (Pre Veneered ply is not available) there is some amount of attention that will be required while designing the furniture, however there is no doubt that these boards will bring down the total cost of construction + save on the overall time to deliver.

5. Hardwood kitchen Shutters prices have come down

Hardwood shutters have always ranged above some INR 500 psft. Some local Bangalore vendors have now brought these prices down. Creating traditional designs & Kitchens in Hardwood should not be as expensive as it used to be.

6. MDF 3 D boards and panels available commonly: 

Designer MDF boards and 3D boards (usually used for pannelling etc.) that were earlier available only at specific designer outlets are now freely distributed and are therefore being made available through the local plywood store

7. Flush Doors – Prices down: 

The prices of Flush doors have also come down substantially and the range starts from approx INR 100 psft. Hence if you are planning to redo your doors by laminating/ veeneering them it might be cheaper to replace them & use them for your other woodwork

Thats it from me….I hope you found the above useful… always will welcome your comments, bouquets & brickbats

Signing off