I wrote about the Eco range of interiors for 2/ 3 BHK apartments sometime back. Here are a few photographs of the Ecopackage executed recently.

PS: The photo credit for these go to “yours truly” and to Samsung Cameraphones 🙂

Master Bedroom Wardrobe & Dresser – Purva Highlands 
Master Bedroom Wardrobe – Purva Highlands
Wardrobe Interior
Guest Bedroom Wardrobe – Purva Highlands
Wardrobe Interior
Purva Highlands Kitchen – Shutters are in Hi Gloss
Purva Highlands Kitchen – Another angle

Note that the Kitchen, while it looks modular is actually not a “modular” kitchen. It has a hand made carcass and factory made shutters. While this does not give 100% “modularity” it does help bring down the overall cost.

To know what a modular kitchen really  is please read http://www.homedesignbangalore.com/2010/06/so-what-is-modular-kitchen-and-some.html

Signing off

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