Sliding Door Wardrobe

The DIY Interior Designer Series Bangalore: Home Interior Design Best Practices Revisited


This blog is now over 7 years old and over these years a lot of what I have written about in the initial years has evolved – things like interior design practices, new materials available in the market for home interiors, cost of materials, places to shop for interior work etc. Also, while on this 7 year journey even I have learnt through customers, your own feedback through this blog and my practice in Bangalore. I am therefore updating some of the most read and relevant articles on this blog so that these reflect the interior design best practices and needs of today incorporating the best of what I have learnt as a practicing Interior Designer in Bangalore over the last 7 years. In the first of this series of articles…am calling it the “DIY Interior Designer Series”… below is the updated article on Sliding Door Wardrobe design best practices […]