Month: May 2016

Is your home Elder Friendly? Home Design makeovers to make your home safe for the elderly


News of senior citizens tripping, falling and injuring themselves at home is nowadays something that one hears of quite often. Such injuries often result in altering the quality of life of the elderly, sometimes even affecting longevity and self esteem. As a designer I have felt that a number of such domestic incidents are avoidable with good interior design, minor home makeovers and an eye for detail. I have been wanting to write on this topic for some time however for one reason or the other have been unable to do so. With the IPL final on in the backdrop tonite and RCB getting a good drumming from Hyderabad (Cutting just knocked the ball out of the stadium …ughhhh) and not much to look forward to …or so it seems, thought that there is no better time to pen this one down. ———— If you have an elder member at […]