Month: February 2013

Do You “Really” Need an Interior Designer


Odd topic you would say, right? You will say “everyone needs a designer provided one can afford it”. You may find it odd hearing this coming from someone from the fraternity (a.k.a. me) that. 1. Not everyone who can afford a designer actually needs one & 2. Every one can actually afford an interior designer Let me explain what I mean. Over the last few years having been in this line & having met & spoken to multitudes of people making their homes I feel one can categorize home makers broadly into the following 3 groups Type 1. Folks who know exactly what they want, have the time and a deep desire to be closely involved in each aspect of home making, love spending their weekends looking out for stuff for their new home & possibly have someone or can themselves supervise daily construction. If you belong to this category […]