Month: August 2010

Costing your Woodwork – Do It Yourself Tips


“So how much will it cost”??? — Usually the first question that I get from prospects. While for exact costs you would need the detailed design & probably some professional help, doing a broad estimation is no rocket science & one can do this on her/ his own since woodwork consists of broadly 4-5 elements. 1. The Carcass: The box in other words 2. The Shutter: Called the “Palla” by our carpenter brethren 3. The Hardware: Self explanatory 4. Accessories: All the steel stuff that you will put inside the wardrobe/ box (Tie hangers etc.for wardrobe &  Bottle Pullout, Drip Tray Etc. for kitchen) 5. Labour Now that we have the elements here are the broad costs of each. Keep in mind that what I am mentioning here are thumbrule values and market rates 1. Carcass (Factory Made White Colour): Costs anywhere between INR 350 psft (frontage*) for Particle Board […]