Sliding Wardrobe Construction


8 8 8 8 sliding wadrobe

Nimisha posted 10 months ago

Thanks and congratulations for your good work and blogs.
Gone through your post and understood that it’s better to use framed doors for wadrobe height more than 7 ft. Have 2 queries though:
1.) Is it OK to use a 8’8” * 4’2” single glass in the frame ? If not what the alternate for high gloss in the same size.
2.) I am planing to use Hettich top line XL . But it has only profile cover and no pelmet. How do I make it dustproof (2” gap from ceiling) I couldn’t figure out the dust proof pelmet you mentioned in the blog.

The Studio says 10 months ago

You can also use lacquered glass or an acrylic sheet. For an 8 foot 8 inch height make sure that the glass has a backing sheet in particle board.
The profile cover will suffice to cover the gap at the top. Further dust proofing can be done by making a frame around the front door - something like what is shown here -

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