Hanging a wooden 3 seater swing onto the living room ceiling

Julia thomas posted 2 years ago

We have had a 150 cm long 3 seater swing with backrest made from wood. We intend to hang it from the ceiling of our first floor living room using stainless steel chain. There are 4 hooks embedded on either ends of the handrest - ie, 2 on each side. There are no ceiling hooks. The house is a villa and the area above the ceiling where the swing is intended is open terrace. The swing is heavy and as it is intended for 3 people, it should take on 300kg total max capacity.
How can we fix this onto the ceiling safely. We were told to use anchor bolts and Hilti chemical powder. Could you please let us know how to go about it?...what size anchor bolts to use? How many? 2 or 4? Please advice as to how to set up the swing without causing any damage to the ceiling . The builders have said that the thickness of the ceiling is between 4 to 5 inches. Thanks in advance. Really appreciate the efforts gone into this blog.

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