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Glass fiber reinforced poly acrylic shutter

Nimisha posted 3 years ago

Hi Nandita,
I was searching for acrylic and pu finished shitters for kitchen and came across a vendor selling Glass fiber reinforced poly acrylic shutter. It’s a very different product, but I do not know it’s pros and cons. Would like some help in it.
Also would like to know the difference between pre-stuck acrylic boards like provided by Praveedh and 1 and 2 mm made to order back painted acrylic stuck on marine ply.

Manohar. S says 3 years ago

I could not find any supplier for Glass fiber reinforced poly acrylic shutter in Google.

Nimisha, can you pl. let me know the address or phone no. of the vendor you referred in your blog? It is a good and lasting product and I am very much interested to get details.


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