Shops for Home Interiors in Bangalore

Shopping for Interiors?? – Recommended places in Bangalore


The question about which are the best places to shop for stuff for home interiors in Bangalore has surfaced in multiple discussions with friends, family and clients. Some may say that I am about to reveal a trade secret, however I am a firm believer that knowledge should be free … and available for people to make informed decisions. Money should be made from ideas and implementation of those & not from information. Before we dwell deeper here are some first principles 1. What are given below are my views on the best places that I know of. 2. I am not soliciting business for or from these folks. 3. You might end up with better places to shop than these….if you do then let me know as well 🙂 Okay….back to the meat then Shutters (ready made): For wardrobe & Kitchen: Have found Indoline to be the best in […]