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Flooring Options For Home Interiors

I recently received a question from one of the readers of this blog on flooring options and recommendations and realised that this is a subject that I have not dwelled upon in my posts…so here goes Flooring options literally can floor home makers (pun intended) with the breadth and depth of choices available, however if one looks closely, the different options can be classified under the following 4 categories Tiles – These can be Vitrified or Ceramic Stone – This can be Marble (Italian/ Indian or from anywhere else), Granite, Engineered or Artificial Stone Wooden: Laminate floors to engineered wood and pure hardwood will come under this head Other Exotic types: Mosaic, Red Oxide, Vinyl and specialty flooring (Safety Floors/ Sports Surfaces etc.) Let’s now go through each in details and discuss the pros and cons 1. Vitrified Tiles:  Nowadays this is really the big daddy when it comes to […]