Master Bedroom Design best practices

Home Interior Vaastu Shastra – Episode One – Master Bedroom


On looking back at my posts I realized that while I have delved upon the design, engineering & cost aspects of home design, what is missing is something around aesthetics – things like colours, lighting, spaces etc. – a very important ingredient in converting your house into a “home” In the next few posts I will try to cover a kind of a checklist of comon sense things to take into consideration while designing your home from the perspective of pure aesthetics. This is definitely not a “must do” kind of an input as individual tastes & situations will vary, however these checklists will help provide a broad guideline while designing your own home. I am going to break this into 4 parts (Episodes) –  each around Master Bedroom, Childrens Room, Living Room & Kitchen. The first one below is on designing the Master Bedroom A small disclaimer before I start – I am […]