Interior designer need

Looking for an Interior designer for your new home in Bangalore? Read on to know what you should expect from your interior designer and how you can ensure that the designer engagement delivers the value you seek.

When working with an interior designer, home makers usually expect just good woodwork and carpentry. The Q&A below discusses why customers should expect more from their designers and why that is not only good for the project but also for the Home Maker – Designer engagement.
In addition good interior design can be life changing for the occupants and helps in creating a living culture that stays with the family throughout their life

Do You “Really” Need an Interior Designer


Odd topic you would say, right? You will say “everyone needs a designer provided one can afford it”. You may find it odd hearing this coming from someone from the fraternity (a.k.a. me) that. 1. Not everyone who can afford a designer actually needs one & 2. Every one can actually afford an interior designer Let me explain what I mean. Over the last few years having been in this line & having met & spoken to multitudes of people making their homes I feel one can categorize home makers broadly into the following 3 groups Type 1. Folks who know exactly what they want, have the time and a deep desire to be closely involved in each aspect of home making, love spending their weekends looking out for stuff for their new home & possibly have someone or can themselves supervise daily construction. If you belong to this category […]