Apartment and Villa Handover Checklist

Villa / Apartment Interior Readiness & Handover Checklist: Things to check on BEFORE you take the formal handover of your dream Apartment or Villa from the builder.


Lately in a number of my projects I found lacunae left behind by the builder and the customers running around struggling to get these rectified by the builder. To help avoid this run around I have tried to compile a checklist of things below that folks should run through with their builder and rectify BEFORE they take formal possession of the residence. If you find anything missing then please feel free to leave a comment and I will add for the benefit of all our readers Here goes :- DOORS Check for gaps between door frame and wall. Push the frame to see it is anchored firmly Check for hinge fitting, ensure there are screws in each of the screw ports. Check door catcher/ stopper for proper functioning Check door knobs & locks for smooth closure & functioning. ALUMINUM/ UPVC DOORS & WINDOWS Check Lack of alignment if any. Ensure […]