Day: August 26, 2012

Types of Wood & Wood Specifications for Home Interiors


Over the course of the last few years the maximum number of queries I’ve received from my readers has been around the type of wood to be used and the what wood specification one should look for for different interior applications. While part of the above query is answered in my earlier article on “What Material to use for Woodwork” I guess looking at the number of questions that have come in on the topic there is need for the article to be much more descriptive especially around the type of wood and their specifications. This post will try to do just that, also please read this in conjunction with the earlier post (“What Material to use for Woodwork”) Note: None of the Images below are my own – these have been downloaded either from Wikipedia or other open sources 1) TYPES OF WOOD FOR COMMON WOODWORK PLYWOOD A] PLYWOOD:  Most […]