Month: August 2011

Home Design Vaastu Shastra – Episode 2 – Best practices in Kitchen design


Well….am back after a looooong break. Have been neck deep in work as well as daily household stuff these past few months. One of the most tricky spaces at home in terms of design is the kitchen as it needs to be ergonomic, utilitarian, maximizing storage space as well as good looking all at the same time. The fact that the kitchen has “hot spaces”, “wet spaces”, “work spaces”, “wash spaces”…(I guess you get the idea) complicates the design even further. I am giving below some practical best practices in kitchen design that I have learnt in the course of the last few years I have been in the field, I hope you find these useful 1. Use the right wood & material for the kitchen. For more details refer my earlier post at 2. Ask your builder to give you a raw kitchen – with no tiling or the […]