What Material to use for Woodwork


which polish is better for vineer in noida

newinterior posted 11 months ago

Hi Nandita,

I have started wardrobe work for guest room and I am planning veneer for outside of the door.

Few of my queries:

1. As I have learned from your posts, melamine polish is better and more scratch resistant. Please suggest?Also is there any connection with weather, because currently weather in noida is like banglaore (evening rain and a bit cold
in morning)

2. Also I am not able to figure out outside designs of wardrobe.My veneer has long grains designs.will you be able to help me with some designs if I post a image of veneer?

Thank you very much.

The Studio says 11 months ago

If it is an external facing door exposed to the weather you will be better off doing PU polish than Melamine. Also my recommendation of polished doors will be to have a plain design ... if you've noticed all my designs are straight line uncluttered and tend towards plain.

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