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Re Laminate Membrane Shutters

Vinod K posted 4 years ago

Hi Nandita,

In the process of re-furnishing my house. Stuck at a place where it comes to changing the Shutters of Kitchen.

The existing shutters are membrane Shutters and the laminate is peeling off.

Want to know if you could recommend any factory or anyone who can relaminate these.

If re-laminating turns out to be an expensive affair, then would like to check if using Vinyl Wraps is possible. Do we get them somewhere in Bangalore.. Came across Rmwraps in google which probably addresses my situation. Do we have anything similar available in Bangalore.?

All I am trying to avoid is - buying new set of Shutters. Am not a great fan of plywood as it makes it heavy.

The Studio Admin says 4 years ago

You should go in for a new set of membrane shutters. Also, the weight of MDF is nearly the same as that of ply, hence you may also use ply with lamination without any issues.
Re-lamination of any kind will not last and you may ultimately end up spending more than what you might save now


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