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Need help on the selection of kitchen tops

Samarth posted 4 years ago

I needed some some help on the selection of kitchen tops.My modular kitchen carcass and shutter has been completed by the carpenter and all the structures are made out of BWR marine ply wood(carcass + shutters).I have the following option before me for the granite laying.
--Use the 30mm black granite provided by the builder.He is saying it very strong and will not break.
--Purchase 20mm granite from outside(as the carpenter was suggesting 30mm slabs wont look good for modular kitchen) .It might be fragile..dont know?.
--Purchase quartz slabs ( athough double the granite price ) because of the no staining and strength guarantee.

It would be helpful if you can suggest which would be good option for a normal kitchen usage.

Once again thanks for the informative blog you have put up!

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