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Can the kitchen be installed without removing granite

Murali posted 4 years ago

Your work is good Nandita.

And your blog, it's great! Many thanks for this service to public.

I have a problem. I got our kitchen designed and manufactured from a interior design startup in HSR Layout.

In my flat, the kitchen granite top is fixed to the wall by the builder, I was told by the designer that they will remove the granite during installation and fix it back.

Now they are denying what they said and are asking me to get the granite removed at my cost.
Their carpenters told me that the granite will surely break during removal.

Can the kitchen be installed without removing the granite? Why are they insisting on removing granite?

Can we cut the supporting legs by 40mm and also cut the skirting by 40mm and fix the modules?

Granite height: 780mm
Module height: 720mm
PVC Legs: 100mm

Request you to advice on this problem. I will be very grateful.

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