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I need inputs on using 30mm grainate for kitchen

Vinay posted 4 years ago

Hi Nandita,
Beautiful work and thanks for sharing info on interiors.
I need ur inputs on using 30mm grainate for modular kitchen.
My builder is giving 30mm grainate can we go with it for modular kitchen or we should go with 20mm grainate only for modular one.
If we use 30mm grainate for modular kichen what will be disadvantages in long run and does height of the kitchen wil also vary
We are ready to go with 20mm but want to check whether 30mm is equally good as 20mm for modular.
Please share ur inputs it wil b very helpful for us

The Studio Admin says 4 years ago

30MM granite is fine, rather better, to use. Most builders do not provide 30mm as it is not readily available. You may hence please go ahead, do however inform your Kitchen vendor in advance that you will be using 30MM granite so that he/she may plan accordingly.

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